Collection: NIKE DUNK LOW

The Nike Dunk Low, introduced in 1985, has evolved from a basketball shoe to a streetwear icon. Its popularity surged among skaters and hip-hop enthusiasts for its durability and comfort, and collaborations with top brands like Supreme and Off-White solidified its status. Limited-edition releases and bold colorways have made it a coveted collector's item, symbolizing the global impact of streetwear culture.

Nike Dunk Low

What is the Nike Dunk Low?
The Nike Dunk Low is an iconic low-top shoe designed by Peter Moore in 1985 and inspired by the Nike Air Force 1. It has since become a popular choice of footwear for a casual & streetwear look. Featuring a simplistic design with a leather or suede upper, solid rubber outsole, and a padded collar for comfort, the Nike Dunk Low is definitely a pair to add to your collection!

How does the Nike Dunk Low Fit?
In terms of the size guide, Nike Dunk Lows fit true to size, so we recommend you get your regular shoe size when ordering Dunk Lows!
E.g. Normal shoe size - UK8 / size to order for Nike Dunk Low - UK8

Are Nike Dunk Lows Comfortable?
Not only are they super stylish, but the Nike Dunk Lows are designed with comfort in mind. Padded collar and midsole add for extra comfort and support, making the dunks suitable for any occasion!

Are Nike Dunk Lows still popular in 2023?
With numerous colourways and designs available and still being released, it’s safe to say the Nike Dunk Lows are here to stay! Whether that be for sportswear e.g skateboarding, or a more streetwear look, there is definitely a Dunk Low for you. Choose from the all time classic bestselling Black and White Panda Dunk Low or go for a Barbie inspired Triple Pink Dunk Low. Whichever pair you decide on, you’ll definitely be catching eyes 👀

How to style Nike Dunk Lows?
If you’d like to see some Nike Dunk Low outfits and on foot pics for inspiration on how to style your Dunk Lows, definitely check out our Client Cams where we showcase all our clients outfits and pics with their sneakers purchased from DoorstepDrip!

Best Nike Dunk Low Colorways
1. Nike Dunk Low ‘White Black Panda’
Originally released in 2021, the panda dunk quickly became one of the most popular sneakers of all time. Getting its name from the classic two-tone colourway in black and white. To this day the panda low dunk remains a bestseller and a must have pair in every collection!